Mayo Clinic Rate Agreement

On necrotiseritis (NEC) NEC is a devastating disease caused by inflammation and lack of bowel development. More than 90% of the 6,000 annual cases in the United States occur in babies with very low birth weight, babies who weigh less than three pounds. Nec has a mortality rate of 30%. The administration of NEC consumes 20% of the neonatal intensive care unit`s annual expenditures totalling $5 billion, as well as an estimated $4 billion in hospital costs for subsequent treatments. „Through this collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, we will improve our understanding of NEC. As the leading provider of clinical outcomes, Mayo Clinic is the ideal contributor to research the risk factors associated with this rare pediatrics. We are pleased to get in touch with Principal Neonatologist William A. Carey, M.D., and to draw on the breadth and depth of his experience in this research,“ said Robert Boyce, Chief Executive Officer of Plakous Therapeutics. Their support accelerates successful innovations in patient care, research and education.

The Mayo Clinic and its collaborators often work with industry to improve patient care through research agreements, invention licenses and consulting activities. The Mayo Clinic Conflict of Interest Review Board oversees all of these activities. Mayo Clinic and its collaborators do not receive royalties for inventions or technologies developed in Mayo and then prescribed to patients of the Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University have forged a new comprehensive model for health education and research: the Mayo Clinic and the Arizona State University Alliance for Health Care. Together, the country`s world leader in patient care, education and research, and the country`s most innovative university, bring together the brightest minds to improve patient care through health innovation, transform medical education and accelerate innovative research results to improve health outcomes at the individual, community and national levels. The objective of this agreement is to create joint initiatives between Mayo Clinic and ASU to enable parties to use their knowledge, skills and technologies in the field of medical education, health and health sciences. Common initiatives include: the development of e-learning programs, courses, modalities and technologies; Setting up a mixed learning program in the Faculty of Medicine on the Internet, as well as designing, supporting and evaluating curricula; the creation of a massive open access programme for open access to the internet; An online health education certificate and other collaborative health sciences, curriculum, certificate and graduation activities. WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., August 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Plakous Therapeutics, Inc. announced that it has signed a know-how licensing agreement with Mayo Clinic.

The multi-year agreement will focus on understanding the results of a natural history study of the factors associated with necrotizing enterocolite (NEC), a rare disease that affects premature babies. Plakous has been given food and drug administration (FDA) names for the prevention of NEC in premature babies born 34 weeks ago. Plakous tries to prevent NEC with Protego-PD™ by accelerating the intestinal maturation of premature babies.