Microsoft Customer Agreement Sign

Microsoft`s customer contract is a simplified sales contract that offers consistent purchase terms to customers, regardless of how customers choose to buy. Microsoft will make the new microsoft customer agreement available in the CSP program and will gradually replace the existing Microsoft Cloud agreement. Microsoft describes the new agreement as a simplified way to purchase Azure services and manage costs. Highlights include: As mentioned above, the new Microsoft Cloud agreement replaces existing agreements for CSP relationships, but this should not be done immediately for existing customers. The ability for partners to select „Customer has accepted the latest Microsoft Cloud agreement“ will be deactivated on January 31, 2020. Read carefully We presented only the highlights in a more or less understandable language. We strongly advise you to read Microsoft`s customer contract carefully before approving the content by signing. The confusion is due to the way in which a large part of these products are marketed. Yes, you get all the cool things if you sign the MCA and switch to an Azure plan.

However, your experience depends on whether you received the MCA directly from a microsoft representative or whether you obtained it through a Microsoft CSP with an MPA. Partners can present the new Microsoft customer agreement to customers in the same way they currently do for the existing Microsoft Cloud agreement. Once a customer has verified and accepted the agreement, partners must confirm the customer`s agreement with Microsoft. The Center Dashboard partner and the Partner Center API are updated to help partners who confirm Microsoft`s customer agreement. Partners can currently preview changes in the partner center dashboard. Also note that from February 1, 2020, you will need to sign the Microsoft Partnership Agreement as a CSP and that your customers will have to be transferred to the Microsoft customer contract, or that you are in a whole new world of difficulties if you want to acquire services for your customers: the Microsoft customer contract will be implemented in conjunction with the new Microsoft Azure plan offer , which includes a series of platform and program extensions that expand partner opportunities to create and deliver management services, reducing barriers to customer acquisition and stimulating digital customer transformation. The Microsoft customer agreement is required in CSP for the purchase of the new Azure plan offer, available from October 2019. The Microsoft customer contract is the new agreement between customers and Microsoft, with the terms of use of cloud subscriptions and software licenses.

Microsoft`s customer agreement replaces the Microsoft Cloud agreement, which will be withdrawn on January 31, 2020 from the Cloud Solution (CSP) provider. There is a delay and here are the main topics you need to know. Data Protection Because the agreement includes Microsoft Cloud subscriptions, there is a technical need to record and process personal data (think of a username or account to which an Office 365 subscription is assigned). The agreement provides that personal data can be transferred and processed to the United States of America (for EU countries, personal data is processed primarily within the EU). It also indicates that Microsoft complies with the EU`s general data processing regulations. As mentioned earlier, I will try to inform our customers over the next few weeks of the various changes in the process and the features implemented by Microsoft so that there are no surprises. The new experiment introduced the concept of „billing profiles.“ From now on, the „billing profile“ is where you will receive your bill. An invoice is generated for each billing profile. If you`re under an MCA purchased directly by Microsoft, you can create multiple billing profiles and use billing sections to organize your fees, read here.