Regulation 47(1)(B) Of Listing Agreement

These rules apply to the listed company that has listed one of the following designated securities on recognized exchanges: (c) derogation declarations or waivers, on a quarterly basis, in accordance with provision (1) of Regulation 32, after review by the audit committee and its explanation in the directors` report in the annual report; The annual report contains not only audited financial statements, but also the audit account impact statement provided for by Regulation 33, paragraph 3, point (d). (4) The information contained in the sub-regulation (1) is published in at least one national English-language daily newspaper that circulates in whole or in part throughout India, and in a daily newspaper published in the language of the region, in the headquarters of the publicly traded company. : provided that the requirements of this Regulation are not applicable when publicly traded companies have listed their securities declared on the SME exchange. Exemption from publication of newspaper advertisements under Rule 47 for all events scheduled until May 15, 2020. SEBI contacted SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (Listing Regulations) on September 2, 2015. There was a 90-day deadline for the implementation of the regulations. However, two provisions of the regulations, which facilitate their character, were applicable with immediate effect, i.e. w.e.f.f. on 2 September 2015. These relate to (i) the adoption of an ordinary resolution rather than a specific regulation for all important transactions with related persons subject to the vote of such decisions, in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and (ii) to the reclassification of project proponents as public shareholders in different circumstances. (2) The listed company refers, in the sub-regulation (1) in the publication of the newspaper, to the link of the website of the listed company and the exchange or exchanges, provided further details are available. 3. The listed company publishes in the newspaper the information covered in the sub-regulation (1) at the same time as the presentation of this information to the stock exchange (s).

If the financial results are published in sub-regulation (1), they are published within 48 hours of the board meeting at which the financial results were approved. The pre-disclosure of the prior privacy of the Council meeting at least two working days in advance, with the exception of the date of the intimacy and the date of the meeting. 4. The board of directors of the listed company authorizes one or more major executives to determine the importance of an event or information and publicity. Presentation of financial results on listed commercial securities. 3. The listed company establishes a policy of determining importance; When the listed company has reported both own and consolidated financial results, the listed company publishes consolidated financial results as well as (1) revenue, 2) pre-tax profit and (3) after-tax profit on footnote; and a reference to places such as the website of the publicly traded company and the (s) stock exchange where the independent results of the listed company are available.