Water Delivery Service Agreement

In signing, we agree to use only Arbor Springs products in connection with this water cooler and expressly accept the following conditions 1 to 6 which are our normal conditions. The water cooler remains the property of Arbor Springs at all times, unless the customer purchases all costs incurred by Arbor Springs when withdrawing this equipment or recovering the amounts incurred, is paid by the customer. The customer grants a „limited right“ to the reintroduction into the water cooler without the liability of Arbor Springs. An interest rate of 1 1/2% per month can be calculated on a outstanding balance. Payments are billed and due on a 30-day basis on a month-to-day basis. This contract may be terminated in writing by both parties after the first full year. Settlement and credit procedures are defined by Arbor Springs and amended from time to time. The balance of the monthly service charge for the first year is assessed on the account if the above agreement is broken. After the first year, a monthly agreement is in effect. Arbor Springs will provide a radiator and service that complies with the manufacturer`s warranties. Arbor Springs will perform a routine annual clean-up or request if necessary. Additional cleaning is the customer`s responsibility for a small fee.

There is no agreement on this radiator outside of this contract. The terms of this contract can only be cancelled or amended in writing signed by companies and customers. An omission or delay in the exercise of a right does not constitute a waiver. The customer gives the company the power to conduct credit investigations and the entity reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time on the basis of that information. Up to five (5) 5 gallons of water per billing period BSW will install the leased equipment at the customer`s address on customer agreement and keep it in good condition at no additional cost; Neglect, abuse or abuse causes damage that requires redress or reparation. The customer pays BSW all these fees on request. The rented appliances and bottles are and will be an individual and exclusive property of BSW at all times. And the customer has no right; Title or interest, unless expressly stated. The customer uses rented appliances and all bottles only for BSW products and will not reuse or fill the bottles for any use. The customer will continue to operate and maintain the rented equipment safely and in good condition in accordance with the instructions of the BSW and will keep it in a medical condition.

The customer will not remove the leased equipment without BSW`s prior written consent, will not modify the leased equipment, will not allow BSW to repair the leased equipment, and will immediately notify BSW if rented appliances or bottles are lost, damaged or destroyed. The customer authorizes BSW to visit the customer`s premises at reasonable times to inspect and repair rented equipment and deliver or retrieve bottles. The customer agrees to use the water refrigeration service at Arbor Springs Water Co., Inc. monthly with a minimum period of one year from the date and monthly price above. Belmar Spring Water Company (BSW) will occasionally sell bottle takers in BSW bottles and related products, such as customer orders, and deliver them to the customer.