Compare Two Agreements

If you want to compare changes from a number of reviewers, don`t select this option. Instead, select to combine revisions from multiple authors into a single document. An ordinary employee is often faced with the need to compare two versions of the same document. For example, upon receipt of a signed version of an agreement, it is important to ensure that the counterparty has not made significant changes affecting the terms of the transaction. And in the next round of approval of the draft document within the company, you only have to look at the modified sections so you don`t waste time rereading the entire text. We work with a lot of contracted teams. When a new contract review arrives, the task is to compare documents to identify important changes between the latest version and this version. Contract managers use MS Word and Adobe Pro Compare for this order. But they don`t work.

Suppose you have two DOCX contracts that have been concluded over different years (z.B for 2018 and 2019). Now you will compare how the conditions have changed after a while. Comparison of documents can be difficult. The legal black line feature in Microsoft Word makes it much easier to compare documents. The source documents to be implemented will not be changed. I wonder how did you analyze two legal texts derived from two different pages? As far as I can imagine, these texts had nothing in common, so it was almost impossible for a comparison tool to do a standard analysis. I assume you used the „By Keywords“ comparison to get a quick analysis of keywords in the document that indicate a more detailed analysis. The legal blackline option compares two documents and only indicates what has changed between them. The documents to be implemented will not be changed. The legal blackline comparison appears by default in a new third document. Finding a good comparison solution for pdf is quite difficult.

Other documents such as `.doc (Word), `.xls (Excel) etc. can be easily compared to often free tools. PDF no. I`ve tried several other tools, but comparing the PDF is by far the best thing I`ve found. It is easy to use, fast in processing and gives excellent results.