Learning Agreement Famulatur Meduni Graz

A comprehensive resource to support learning of medical language and to prepare students and doctors for clinical work. The KPJ is faced with the success of the Cumulative Module 6 (KMP6) exam, the completion of all training exams, the completion of the third exam internships and the evidence of 12 weeks of mandatory training. In short, the KPJ can only be launched after the positive end of the second phase of the study. The mandatory internship is carried out during the last year of study (6th year / 11th semester) and takes 48 weeks to 35 hours per week, divided into three 16-week tertiales each. Clinically Practical Year (KPJ) The Practical Clinical Year (KPJ) is the 6th year of medical studies since August 01, 2014. Students are actively involved in the daily life of the hospital. Students from the Graz Medical University who apply via MEDonline (KPJ-Schienenwunsch) for part of the KPJ at a KAGe teaching hospital receive a training grant of 650 euros per 4 weeks. To do this, a contract is signed between the student and the KAGes at the medical department the week before the start of the KPJ block concerned. We would like to point out that the mandatory 4-week option material in a KAGe national hospital is only paid if at least one KPJ slot on MEDonline (rail application) has been completed under a KPJ contract (it is not possible to start with the mandatory option material). For more information and questions, please contact the KPJ Ärzteservice.Im openMEDOCS training (KAGes hospital information system) in the first week of each 8-week block. For students at the University of Medicine vienna, the KPJ is currently possible in the following Kage teaching hospitals in Styria, as well as for students of innsbruck Medical University (LKH Hartberg in all departments). LKH Graz II South location with addiction medicine; LKH Graz II Location West with general surgery and pathology). After contacting the medical department by announcing the LKH/department/period desired and checking availability, the contract will be signed before the start of the relevant KPJ block.

A training grant of 650 euros per 4 weeks is granted. For more information and questions, please contact the medical department. Medical universities can follow their KPJ in a KAGes house, but unfortunately receive dzt. no training allowance. The verification of the imputation conditions of the CPP must then be carried out by the departments themselves. The KPJ is possible for foreign students as part of an Erasmus study stay (SMS).