Sprint T-Mobile Business Combination Agreement

T-Mobile has agreed to reissue to SoftBank the shares previously sold after reaching certain share price stones by New T-Mobile over a period of time. and subject to certain additional conditions, as in the match agreement, which are submitted by each of T-Mobile and Sprint with the SEC. Source version on businesswire.com: www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200220005964/en/ SoftBank Group Corp. („SBG“) announced on February 20, 2020 (ET), as part of the upcoming merger of Sprint Corporation (a U.S. subsidiary of SBG), „Sprint“) and T-Mobile US, Inc. („T-Mobile“) in an all-stock transaction, as stated in „SPRINT AND T-MOBILE TO COMBINE, ACCELERATING 5G INNOVATION – INCREASING COMPETITION“ of April 30, 2018 (the „transaction“), Sprint, T-Mobile, SBG, Deutsche Telekom AG („Deutsche Telekom“) and the other parties to the final agreement (the Business Combination Agreement, previously amended by an amendment of 26 July 2019 (ET), have entered into agreements to amend the merger agreement and have set certain additional conditions for the transaction , as agreed between SBG, T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom (together the „amendment“). This change does not affect the above outlook for combined business synergies („New T-Mobile“), long-term profitability and liquidity creation. The amendment normally extends the expiry date until July 1, 2020 (the date after which Sprint or T-Mobile may terminate the business combination if the merger is not completed on that date) and also provides that the transaction is completed on the first business day of the first month (except the third month of a calendar quarter) if that first business day is at least three business days after completion or waiver of all conditions until the transaction closes. In addition, the amendment amends the parties` obligations with respect to the measures that may be necessary to obtain the remaining government approvals or to avoid action or procedure by a state agency in relation to transactions, subject to certain restrictions. This press release is equipped with multimedia equipment. Watch the full version here: www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200220005964/en/ As America`s Un-carrier, T-Mobile US, Inc.

(NASDAQ: TMUS) is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovations. Our advanced national 4G-LTE network offers 86.0 million customers who are not willing to compromise on quality and value, excellent Wi-Fi experiences. T-Mobile US, based in Bellevue, Washington, offers services through its subsidiaries and operates its flagship brands T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile. For more information, see www.t-mobile.com. 1.5 Duration and termination. This mail contract will remain fully in effect and effective from and after the date of the agreement until the earliest date (i) of the issuance of all SoftBank True-Up shares, is entitled to SoftBank under Section 1.3 (and subject to the execution and provision of the (s) pawning contract (s) by SoftBank and/or its applicable related companies, If applicable), Section 1.3 of this mail-order contract (with the execution and delivery of the agreement by SoftBank and/or its applicable related companies) ends forever, automatically and without further action on the part of the parties, and becomes invalid and ineffective; (ii) the end date if the condition of issuance of additional shares is not met on the date of that date, following which Section 1.3 of this contract to the letter ends forever, automatically and without further action on the part of the parties, and becomes inoperative and without force or effect, (iii) obtaining a sale of the company, under which the purchase price is below the threshold price, Section 1.3 of this contract to the letter (with the sub-delay of the contract creating the contract rate) ends forever, automatically and without further action on the part of the parties, and (iv) the termination of the business combination agreement before softBank US Fusions Effective Time , after which this mail contract does not cease forever, automatically and without further action on the part of the