Subsequent Purchaser Agreement

… Reconveyance. After receiving the money, he had not executed the deed of sale. Necessarily, the plaintiff was entitled to demand a certain benefit and any subsequent sale would be rendered by the doctrine of the… Read Pendens. As a result, the subsequent purchaser was bound by the special benefit order and was required to pass the property on to the applicant. 12. Ms. Suri also referred to… not a section 43 applicability requirement and, therefore, even if a subsequent buyer is aware of the ongoing litigation at the time of the purchase of the claim property, it would deprive him…

2. The parties are designated as seller, husband of the seller, Vendee and later buyer. The facts that lead to the call are that the seller 300 … on the grounds that he has entered into a verbal purchase agreement for 100 minals of 300 square meters with the future buyer on 30-8-1982 and that the vendee agreement is subject to authorization… previous transaction with the next buyer. La Vendee responded on 28.6.1984 and published a telegraphic communication on 13.7.1984. As there was no answer, the Vendee O.S No. 20 of… After three weeks.

Until the demand is eliminated, we deter the next buyer from… The buyer must have an extreme part of the land acquired by the subsequent buyer and get away separately. We also make it clear that… However, this order will not prevent the subsequent buyer from naming his name or preparing to sanction the plan, but on the basis of… The respondent must argue in an action for the practical execution of an agreement and prove that he was willing and willing to carry out his part of the contract continuously between the date of the contract and the date of hearing of the appeal….) buyers of the property of the lawsuits and subsequent changes to the appeal.2. We heard from Mr. Shailesh Shah, experienced senior counselor for the complainants…, Mr. Pradeep Sancheti, senior advisor learned for respondent No. 5 (later purchaser), Mr. Ramchandran N. for respondent 1 to 3 (initial defendant 1 to 3) and Ms. Usha R.

Tiwari for… Tribunal, that is, the applicants are called applicants, respondents No. 1 to 4 as defendant and respondent No. 5 as „later purchaser,“ for simplicity … K. Kannan, J. (Oral): – In the arrogance of some orderly benefit in favour of the present petitioners, the defendants were the sellers and the subsequent buyer.