Un Headquarters Agreement

(a) The competent authorities of the United States are diligent in ensuring that the tranquillity of headquarters is not disturbed by the unauthorized intrusion of groups of people from outside the united states or by disturbances in its immediate vicinity and to provide the necessary police protection at headquarters` borders; This agreement will take effect through an exchange of notes between the Secretary-General, duly authorized under a UNITED Nations General Assembly resolution, and the United States Executive Officer, duly authorized in accordance with the measures taken by Congress. The headquarters agreements govern the relationship between an international organization such as the United Nations and the host state, where the international organization is headquartered. A typical agreement contains provisions relating to the status, privileges and immunities and activities of an international organization. (1) Subject to the terms of this agreement, the United States Government will provide the United Nations with an amount of no more than $65,000,000. This amount is spent only in a manner authorized by the United Nations to build and establish the permanent headquarters of the United Nations at its headquarters in New York City, within the meaning of the Agreement between the United States of America and the United Nations on the United Nations Headquarters, signed on Lake Success. , New York, June 26, 1947, including necessary architectural and technical work, landscaping, basement and other appropriate improvements to land and approaches, and for other incident-related purposes and expenses. (a) Any dispute between the United Nations and the United States regarding the interpretation or application of this agreement or complementary agreement, which is not resolved by agreed negotiations or other settlement terms, is referred to a three-arbitrator tribunal appointed by the Secretary-General, a tribunal appointed by the Secretary of State of the United States. and the third, elected by these two, or, if they do not agree on a third party, by the President of the International Court of Justice. Anxious to reach an agreement to conclude the resolution establishing the United Nations headquarters in New York City, adopted by the General Assembly on 14 December 1946, and to resolve the resulting issues; If the United Nations considers the installation and operation of an airfield to be necessary and desirable, the conditions for the location, use and operation of such an airfield, as well as the entry and exit conditions, are the subject of a complementary agreement. (2) any other land or building that may be incorporated from time to time by a complementary agreement with the relevant US authorities; The competent authorities of the United States take all necessary measures to ensure that the United Nations is not expropriated from its assets at headquarters, unless Section 22 provides for it when the United Nations no longer uses the same thing, provided that the United Nations reimburses the competent U.S. authorities for all expenses incurred. , after consultation with the United Nations, in the event of liquidation by reputable domain procedures or, by other means, any negative claim.